Our Program


Bunka - Beginner
Bunka is the art of painting with thread. Learn the various stitches and techniques. Supplies are additional and are purchased through the instructor. Bunka kits are available to purchase during the first class - approximately $55.00. For this program students will learn on a preset sample and receive one to one instruction.

Bunka - Intermediate
Bunka is the art of painting with thread. Learn the various stitches and techniques. Supplies are additional and are purchased through the instructor. Bunka kits are available to purchase during the first class - approximately $55.00. For this program students will need to have previous experience with Bunka.

Creative Needlework
This class focuses on cross-stitch, crewel, needlepoint, and biackwork Experience is not necessary to join this hands-on class.Thedelightful social aspect of this dass will sustain your interest from session to session!

Learn basic crochet and/or knitting techniques. Bring your own wool and needles.

Painting and Drawing
This class is for people who wish to explore their creative and artistic talents in a supportive atmosphere. Line, shape, color, tone and composition are introduced. Work in any medium except oil paints. Participants bring their own art supplies. A suggested art supply list is available at the front office. At minimum, please bring pencil & paper to the first class


Acoustic Guitar
In order to register for this class, you must provide your own guitar and have knowledge of the basic guitar chords. Class emphasizes country music but also includes other types of pop musk. Major and minor chords are shown as well as the more advanced chords.

Ballroom Dancing
Levels 1 & 2 Put the fun back into your social life! Learn a variety of ballroom dance steps and techniques. Please note that for this program, participants must register in partners. When registering, dance partners each fill out their own separate registration form. Once completed, the payment and each of the partner's forms are then stapled and submitted together.

Country Western Line Dancing - Beginner
This class features choreographed dance using a sequence of repeated steps with dancers in rows or lines. Great for individuals as no partners are required and a fantastic way to keep fit.This class will focus on dances and routines set to modern and traditional country music favorites.

Country Western Line Dancing - Intermediate
Designed for people with previous dance experience. This class offers fun, exercise and a great way to make new friends. No partner needed. This class is a continuation from Beginner.

Ukulele Band
This is a program designed for our advanced level players. This is a great opportunity to work on performance pieces in a band setting. This group often performs at local community events. Previous ukulele experience is required and participants provide their own instruments.


Carpet Bowling
Come out and play with friends or meet new friends while playing a friendly game of carpet bowling. No previous experience is required, beginners welcome!

Healthy Brain MIND BUSTER
Never leave your seat while you challenge your mind to a variety of brain exercises. Attack your short and long term memory with a series of flash cards, mazes, awareness activities and much more. You will receive a tracking sheet at the beginning of the program and you can watch your progress soar. This fun social program is perfect for everyone.

International Cooking for Seniors
Enjoy International Cooking techniques in preparing themed meals with Chef Nicholas from around the world, personalize your tastes and of course enjoying a sit down meal at the end of the workshop.

Sackville Photography Club
This program isfor those interested in photography who wish to expand their knowledge and skill level. We will cover what to look for in acquiring a digital camera, or upgrading to a camera allowing more control over picture taking. Activities will include completing photo assignments and having your work presented for viewing and commentary. Since it is a combination of club and photo education, there will be a social aspect that may include outings while learning more about photography. The program will be set up to address all levels of photographic knowledge for those who enjoy a club-like environment.


Join us for mat-work exercises designed by Joseph Pilates. Increase your body awareness and strength- en all the muscles supporting your spine especially your stomach! Rediscover good posture. Remember - you’re not getting older, you’re getting taller!

Tai Chi - Bon Coeur style
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise form for health. It consists of slow and graceful movements which relax and strengthen both the body and mind. Tai Chi is based on the philosophy of returning to a natural state of health and well being. A deeper un- derstanding of Tai Chi and the application of Tai Chi to further enhance your physical well being will be introduced.

Tai Chi - Yang s tyle (l evel 1)
Introduction to the Tai Chi short set with emphasis on the basic sequence and direction of the movements contained within the set. There will be work on flexibility and breathing.

Tai Chi - Yang s tyle (l evel 2)
Further practice on the Tai Chi and Chi Kung short set with the emphasis on improving technique of the movement found in the set. There will be continued work on breathing and flexibility, as well as working on posture and balance.

Nordic w alking
Think of Nordic Walking as walking with poles or skiing without skis. You involve your upper body while you walk by using specially designed Nordic Poles. All levels from Beginner to Advanced. Com- fortable shoes, breathable fabrics, dress in layers as this is an outdoor instructional class participants are to meet at Dundas Driving Park. Poles are provided.