Sackville Hill was one of Hamilton's leading merchants in the builder's supply line. Mr. Hill bought the property today known as the Sackville Hill Memorial Park with the idea in mind of presenting the City with a recreation centre.

It was in 1950 that a formal Presentation of 20 acres of land was presented to the City of Hamilton by Mr. Hill. He was the first individual in our City's history to donate land to the City for a park and bequeath money for its development.

Sackville Hill was well known and was often referred to as a "good friend" of the Parks Board. The donation was just a culmination of a "friendship" which existed for years between Mr. Hill and the City of Hamilton. Mr. Hill's wish was to provide a park for 1he Mountain residents. A $ 75,000 financial contribution followed the land donation for the development and support of recreation facilities.

This Centre fulfills Sackville Hill's vision. We are pleased to honour many of the Sackville Hill Family, who have been an integral part of the development of this centre and will continue to enjoy the centre for generations to come.

We proudly present a Centre that not only all the seniors of Hamilton can be proud but one our whole community can treasure.